National Jugband Jubilee - A Hundred Years of Fun!
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Jubilee immortalized!
LIVE CD's, featuring the BEST of the Jubilee!



Live @ Brown-Forman Amphitheater
Juggernaut Jug Band,
Old Southern Jug Blowers, Cincinnati Dancing Pigs,
Lost Shoe String Band,
Deep Fried Pickle Project,
Divine's Jug Band,
Smokin' Fez Monkeys,

-----------ON THIS DISC


  • Jug Spangled Banner
  • Viola Lee Blues
  • Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
  • Banana in Your Fruit Basket
  • Twenty-Nine Ways
  • Women, Women, Women
  • Five Cent Song
  • Louisville Special
  • Melody March Call
  • Memphis Stomp
  • San Francisco Bay Blues
  • Chicken Pie



Live @ Brown-Forman Amphitheater
Juggernaut Jug Band,
Cincinnati Dancing Pigs,
Escape the Floodwater, Rannygazoo,
Downtown County Band,
Jake Leg Stompers,
Key Strummers

-----------ON THIS DISC


  • You Mean We Get Paid For This?
  • Tear It Down
  • I'm A Pig
  • Goodbye Wild Women
  • Fishin' in the Dark
  • Mississippi Mud
  • Cow Cow Stomp
  • Let's Misbehave
  • Fairmont Park
  • Viola Lee Blues
  • Memphis
  • Back in Indiana
  • Tropical Blues
  • Achin' For Some Bacon



Live @ Iroquois Amphitheater
Juggernaut Jug Band,
Carolina Chocolate Drops, Cincinnati Dancing Pigs,
Dirty Birdies Jug Band,
Jake Leg Stompers,
the Second Fiddles,
Pokey LaFarge

-----------ON THIS DISC


  • Louisville Special (1927)
  • Juanita Stomp
  • I Hate Myself
  • I'm Through With You
  • Josephine
  • Everybody's Blues
  • Fake In Heart
  • Masculine Women, Feminine Men
  • Jug Band Waltz
  • Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
  • John Henry
  • Trouble In Mind
  • Starry Crown Blues
  • Jug Band Blues
  • Fishin' Blues
  • Sabre Dance
  • Pigmeat
  • Southbound
  • That's Good, That's Bad
  • The Dirty Dozens
  • Field Mouse Stomp
  • Cocaine Blues
  • Louisville Special (2008)


live @ St. Joe's
Children's Home

Juggernaut Jug Band,
Carolina Chocolate Drops, Cincinnati Dancing Pigs,
Dirdy Birdies Jug Band, Washboard Slim & the Blue Lights


-----------DISC 1

  • San Francisco Bay Blues
  • Jug Band Blues
  • Everybody Loves My Baby
  • Rickett's Hornpipe
  • A Good Man's Hard to Find
  • Somethin' Elemental
  • Naughty Sweetie Blues
  • I Like Bananas
  • Little Sadie
  • Kokomo Blues
  • Sourwood Mountain
  • Sheik of Araby
  • Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele
  • Masculine Women
  • Two-Timin' Loser
  • Under the Chicken Tree
  • Boodle-Am-Shake
  • Earl McDonald/
    Mattie Mathis Tribute


-----------DISC 2
  • Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
  • Pigeon Song
  • Walk Right In
  • Sunny Disposish
  • Sheik of Araby
  • Eggplant that Ate Chicago
  • Talkin' 'bout You
  • Foldin' Bed (Tear It Down)
  • Dona Got a Ramblin' Mind
  • Good Time Music
  • Digga Digga Do
  • Sing It!
  • Diggin' My Potatoes
  • Doctor Jazz
  • Plastic
  • One-Hour Mama
  • Jug Band Music
  • That's All, Folks!

CD Testimonials

These albums are ..."not only great for the old hands at jug band music, but a great introduction for those people you know who have no idea what jug band music is all about.  Among the five bands, there is an incredible mix of all the styles that go into jug band music." - Dave Snyder


   “What wonderful CDs!  They sound great.  Well-recorded--catches the fun of the festival. Not only is each band experienced and talented but they are distinctly different from each other.  This is a great representation of the breadth and depth of jug band music.” 

Wayne Hagen, Organizer

International Jug Band Festival

Sutter Creek, CA

Unique Jubilee Crockery Jugs

Clay. Water. Fire.

Elements that pre-dated our planet.

Since mankind first made tools and utensils, items fashioned from these simplest elements made life easier.

Almost two centuries ago, Louisville Stoneware’s predecessor company began using clay, water and fire for jugs to hold liquor so unique that it won for Kentucky the exclusive national right to produce a product called bourbon.

In early 20th century Louisville not all empty liquor jugs became trash. Some became tools in the hands and lips of skilled musicians. Another unique product emerged-- Jug band music.

JugbankIn tribute to those creative and enterprising descendants of slaves, Louisville Stoneware hand-fashioned 100 Limited Edition miniature replicas of those old gallon whiskey jugs preferred by jug band musicians. They are “piggy banks.”

Each jug is unique, with a value-enhancing number. Three great Jubilee volunteers--Mike Power (Jug #1), David Ross Stevens (#100) and Michael Reidy (#75)--received jugs for their dedication.

Jugs are available at $50.00 

Want one?  Just e-mail

National Jug Band Jubilee Brings America's Happiest Music back to its old Kentucky home.  Dedicated to preserving jug band music at its late 19th century home--

Louisville, Kentucky.  National Jug Band Jubilee--funded in part through a

                                              Kentucky Arts Council grant.

America's Happiest Music!